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Courtney Allison Barker


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  • To secure a position that would provide part-time employment in a retail setting.
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Volunteer Experience


Edit Me, LLC

Examplesville, MD

Editor In Chief

  • Autumn Health Care
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    • I did something fantastic!
  • Coshocton County Memorial Hospital-Speech and Hearing Department

October, Now

Changeable Incorporated

Examplesville, MD

Mover & Shaker

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Ohio University Zanesville

Zanesville, OH

Seeking undergraduate degree in speech language pathology.

  • Current post-secondary student at Ohio University's regional campus in Zanesville.
  • Planning to attend Ohio University Zanesville for the 2012-2013 school year to pursue an undergraduate degree in speech language pathology.


Tri-Valley High School

City, ST

Course Instructor